The amazing thing about kids is that they don’t see life the way we adults do, and therefore their understanding or context of what we would otherwise find difficult to explain to them is really not that big of a deal, for them at least.

Introducing The Concept

Adoption is one such subject where parents can choose to hide the fact from their kid(s) or let them know of their choice while ensuring that they (children) see it as a positive event.

Start by introducing the word ‘adoption’ from an early age to your kid. This removes any negative quotient that may be shrouding the word. However, be careful not to press upon the subject but instead introduce the word naturally so that later on, it doesn’t become a taboo.

Share Stories

There are children’s books that describe the concept of adoption in a non-threatening manner through stories. Consider picking up ‘The Day We Met’ and read a bit of it to your child.

Or you could create your own stories in third-person such that of another family and their adopted children, or better yet include non-human characters like little furry creatures like bunnies and squirrels to weave a tale about adoption.

Learn when the best time is to tell your child he’s adopted.

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