Often people tend to hide the fact that their kids were adopted from the world outside for fear of their own kids knowing and therefore feeling despondent. While the logic might seem practical, it is not.

Society as much as parents play an important role in making an adopted child feel as if they belong in that space of normalcy and therefore help in their integration. Letting the right people know that your child is adopted can be quite helpful. Here’s why:

Doctor: Supplying your GP with the birth records and medical history of your child’s birth parents is advisable since it will play a major role in the health of your adopted child. Also, in case of genetic disorders, this information will prove priceless.

Teachers: While most experts seem to believe that teachers don’t need to know of your child’s birth status, we believe this should rather be on a need-to-know basis. If for instance, your child has a certain learning disability, then its best to let the teacher know about it and circumstances if any that might have promoted this challenge in your kid.

Friends: Your friends aren’t just your pillar of strength but also for your kids. In that respect, letting your frequent and closest friends know of your adopted child lets them be mindful of what they choose to say in front of the child.

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